A dynamic and engaging speaker, Leadbetter impresses audiences with field tested perspectives, anecdotes and frameworks stressing practical next steps for audiences to start or pivot their innovation journeys in the immediate term.

Because old ways of innovating and doing business are increasingly no longer relevant, leaders must look for new ways to innovate and change.  Leadbetter reveals what he’s learned from working with organizations worldwide, each pursuing survival and growth during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

It’s rare to have a mix of deep corporate experience, an engaging style and practical ‘next steps’ insight.


  • Recent speaking/workshop experience in Brazil, China, Colombia, France, India, United Kingdom and throughout the USA
  • Effective for groups as small as 10 and as large as 500
  • Powerful sessions ranging from 30 minute keynotes to full day intensive workshops
  • Customized sessions to meet each unique need

Topics covered

  • Exponential Technologies; what they are, how rapidly they’re changing and why
  • Disruption; how and why disruption is occurring across industries and why no industries are safe
  • Exponential Organizations; what are these new types of organizations, why did they occur and how can you shape your organization to be more like one.  As the former CEO of ExO Works, Leadbetter is uniquely qualified to outline frameworks and methodologies
  • Singularity University; Leadbetter spent 2 years helping to grow the NASA Research Park organization, what is this unique organization and how is it working towards its goal to positively impact one billion lives
  • The 3 Horizon Framework; how to apply this increasingly useful framework it, many of Leadbetters clients companies find this session amongst the most beneficial
  • Industry specific focus; disruption and innovation in the financial services, construction, sports and other industries
  • Achieving organization level digital transformation; as CEO of Pivot Factory, Leadbetter and his advisors help clients apply key disciplines to achieve sufficient and systemic digital transformation based on lessons learned at Fortune 500 companies such as P&G.


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