Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 9 - Reuben Advani

Fintech and automation are impacting the financial industry more than you may think. Reuben Advani ...

How Sports Leagues Are Reacting to Innovation & Disruption

Industries of all types are vulnerable to disruption. Sports is no exception, but it sure doesn't ...

Why Do Digital Transformations Fail? We Ask The Former Executive Who Wrote All About it

Seventy-percent of digital transformations fail. Former P&G executive Tony Saldanha discusses his ...

Pivot's Innovation Newsletter - Disruption Is Coming

In our inaugural newsletter, we highlight key innovation themes we're seeing on the ground and how ...

Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 8 - Jason Yotopoulos

Jason Yotopulous talks about the path toward innovation and some of the challenges facing companies ...

Modern Niagara Tackles Disruption in Construction Industry

The construction industry is a laggard in technological and digital innovation. Modern Niagara, ...

What Is Disruptive Innovation?

Disruptive innovation often refers to emerging companies that target an ignored segment of the ...

Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 7 - Roy Zur

Guest Roy Zur discusses the ever-growing threat posed by cybercriminals and how he's using ...

Interview: Pivot Factory CEO Michael Leadbetter Talks AI & Human Resources

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to augment certain organizational functions, and ...

How Management Consultants Track Progress

Periodic assessments that review overall progress and track such metrics as new business models, ...

Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 6 - Pascal Finette

We discuss digitization, decentralized innovation and how blockchain and cryptocurrencies are ...

Interview: Pivot Factory CEO Michael Leadbetter Discusses Innovation

Pivot Factory CEO Michael Leadbetter talks innovation and how best to approach Digitial ...

Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 5 - Brad Templeton

In the latest episode of Pivot Factory Podcast, host Michael Leadbetter interviews Templeton about ...

What Does an Innovation Consultant Do?

The innovation consultant wears many hats, but ultimately they challenge clients to break away from ...

Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 4 - Kamal Somaia

Simba Global began as a small family company more than four decades ago. Its transformation into ...

Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 3 - Mike Halsall

Will construction ever truly evolve? In this podcast episode, Mike Halsall and host Michael ...

Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 2 - Tony Saldanha

How do you transform a business that’s been around for 180 years? 27- year executive of Procter and ...

Pivot Factory Podcast - Episode 1 - Salim Ismail

Today, either you’re the disruptor, or you’re disrupted. In our inaugural episode, we speak with ...

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