What is Innovation?

What is innovation? Conventional wisdom suggests “innovation” and “invention” are synonymous with one another, and that they share the same basic principle: create something from nothing. In reality, innovation comes in many forms. Improved processes, new ways to solve problems, solutions that create opportunities or efficiencies—and yes, invention—are all forms of innovation. Some of the world’s greatest companies didn’t invent something brand new that set the world ablaze; rather they simply created a better way to accomplish something or reduced some level of tension or friction that matters to consumers and stakeholders.

Pivot Factory is guided by the premise that not every corporation is designed or should seek to become the next Tesla, Apple or Google. Yet most innovation consultants dangle this ephemeral carrot that suggests any corporation can do anything it wants. That’s simply not reality. What is reality is that improvements (often seismic ones) are within reach and true and inspired innovation can be achieved if the potential to do so is unlocked from within. That’s where Pivot Factory begins.





  •   Many of our relationships start with workshops, although it's important to note that we're about driving wins, (revenues), not simply delivering workshops or keynotes. Workshops, sometimes, help both sides to get started.
  •  Our workshops are impactful and practical.  They open the eyes of participants around what types of disruptions are impacting industries world-wide, how disruption can impact your organization and what practical steps and frameworks can be taken today to accelerate innovation.
  •   Dynamic, interactive and high energy workshop delivered by Pivot Factory Operating Partners who are active industry practitioners. Customized versions of The Innovation Workshop have successfully been across industries including financial services, beverages, manufacturing and medical devices and across regions including: held Latin America, (Sao Paulo, Cartagena, Mexico City), North America, (New York, Silicon Valley, Des Moines and Toronto), and in Europe, (London, St Tropez, Geneva and Frankfurt).


Awake and Assess Your Team.
  •   Designed to be a quick, impactful ‘getting started’ engagement
  •   Starts with a in-depth assessment of your key executives’ perspective of the state of innovation capability within the organization
  •   Followed by an in person workshop with your top executives to focus on mindset alignment around disruptive forces and new business models, the key frameworks needed to adapt and the start of adapt these theories to your company dynamics and the incorporation of key findings and recommendations from the in-depth assessments
  •   Deliverables of a half day “Awakening” session, an assessment report providing Pivot Factory’s perspective on your organization’s challenges and opportunities and recommendations for the appointment of innovation champions


Build for systemic and sufficient innovation.
  •   A 4 week engagement that builds and implements the structure and processes needed to enable systemic and sufficient innovation for your organization
  •   Focus on reaching a common understanding & prioritization of problems to be solved based on agreed upon criteria
  •   Confirm, alter, qualify & prioritize potential solution-based projects to address top deficiencies
  •   High-level evaluation of the cost/benefit and resource requirements for each key project
  •   Deliverables of an Idea generation/selection/vetting process based on success criteria, the documented operational cadence for  deployment (stages & gates), a sketch of a reward systems structure and an agreed upon design of the execution process (team, operational cadence, meetings structure, idea portfolio management process and tool)


Get shift done.
  •   Ongoing support with Pivot Factory Operating Partners and their extended ecosystem acting as both a control tower and force multiplier for your innovation organization
  •   Pivot Factory supports solution-centric approaches with external ecosystems including the identification and qualification of prospective vendors, partners, advisors
  •   Focus on the nature of your organizations innovation business model bringing a private-equity-like thinking on how to approach potential partner
  •   The enablement of tapping into new sales and distribution hubs from Pivot Factory’s extensive network.
  •   Deliverables of weekly, monthly and on demand guide sessions focused on execution leading to hitting KPIs
  •   Relentless focus on results, results, results


Achieve innovation.
  •   Before we start engagements, we find it incredibly useful to ask clients to run their leadership teams through an online survey. The survey allows us to determine how teams are positioned to achieve systemic and sufficient innovation. The proprietary survey was developed by drawing from the experience of our operating partners and Pivot Factory adviser, Tony Saldanha. Measurements include: Leadership/Sponsorship, Operational Cadence, Strategic Leverage and Execution Models.