Get Shift Done

It’s time to get going, I need help!


As a business leader you need quick wins and a clear path to long term and sufficient digital transformation. For this you need help. The large traditional consulting companies are designed for large-scale, heavy-lift engagements generating millions of dollars in fees. That’s not what we do.

The explosion of exponential technologies and the acceleration of new business models and cross industry disruption calls for a new type of  outside help, and that’s what we provide.


Help me structure my innovation function

We offer highly customized engagements where we build and implement the structure and processes needed to enable systemic and sufficient innovation for your organization, typically over a four-week period.

The focus is on reaching a common understanding and prioritization of problems to be solved based on agreed upon criteria. We will help you confirm, alter, qualify and prioritize solution-based projects to address top deficiencies.

Deliverables include an idea generation, selection and vetting process based on success criteria, the documented operational cadence for deployment, a sketch of a reward systems structure and an agreed upon design of the execution process to include team, operational cadence, meetings structure, idea portfolio management process and tools.


Provide us ongoing support as we innovate

In some cases clients are already executing on innovation and we provide ongoing support in the form of an external control tower, extra pairs of eyes and ears and sounding boards. Our operating partners leverage external ecosystems, including the identification and qualifications of prospective vendors, partners, and advisors. We focus on the nature of your organization’s innovation business model, bringing a private-equity-like approach to potential partners. Deliverables include weekly,   monthly and on demand working sessions, focused on execution leading to meeting KPI’s.