with pivot

We know organizations needs to adapt to thrive in the new digital world. We also know that most organizations either can't or don’t know how to. Over the years we’ve seen expensive transformation initiatives fail because an organization simply wasn’t ready for such an overhaul. Statistically 70% of digital transformations fail.

Our relationship with Tony Saldanha, (author of “Why Digital Transformations Fail”), combined with our deep global experience helping both Singularity University and ExO Works grow, have equipped us to create an assessment that has successfully provided CEO’s and their teams across industries with a roadmap to achieving systemic and sufficient innovation. Most of our clients simply don’t know where to start, and the Digital Transformation Assessment provides that starting point

Delivered both online and through a series of telephone or in-person interviews, the proprietary assessment analyzes  the following key metrics:


The pivot 

Mindset »

How in tune with/aware of upcoming disruption the organization is

Leadership/Sponsorship »

Demonstrated commitment from leaders towards transformation

Strategic Leverage points »

Understanding of the highest impact areas of digital

Change Agents »

The right change leaders with the right mandate

Portfolio strategy sufficiency »

Sufficiency of the digital strategy to deliver system transformation of the business

Project execution model »

Professional methodology to iterate through ideas and expand on those that work

Organization change model »

A deliberate strategy to drive change inside the core organization using transformation projects